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Guodian Shuangwei Shanghaimiao Project completes the reverse power transmission successfully

2021-9-6 11:28:10

At 3:58 of September 3, the reverse power transmission of Guodian Shuangwei Shanghaimiao Project was successful once, and the power receiving equipment operated normally, marking the successful completion of another major milestone node of the project.

The power receiving range includes 500kV booster station, startup and standby transformer, 10kV working sections 2a and 2b. In order to ensure the success of the reverse transmission of auxiliary power, the project scientifically organizes and carefully plans, adheres to high standards and strict requirements, overcomes various difficulties before receiving power, and strictly controls possible problems in all links. During the power transmission, the staff inspected, recorded and accepted the power transmission in strict accordance with the power receiving scheme. At 3:58, the power transmission of unit 2 was completed. The parameters of the power receiving equipment are normal, the system operates stably, and the reverse transmission of auxiliary power is successfully completed one month ahead of the construction period.

The reverse transmission of auxiliary power is successful at one time, laying the foundation for the subsequent divisional trial operation.