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Shanxi Yuxian Power Plant Unit 2 completes the 168-hour full load trial operation successfully

2021-9-1 16:08:21

At 15:18 of August 31, unit 2 of Yuxian Power Plant in Shanxi Province successfully passed 168-hour full load trial operation.

During the full load trial operation of the unit, the operation of main and auxiliary equipment is safe and stable, the input rate of automatic, instrument and protection is 100%. The maximum shaft vibration of the turbo generator is 48.5μm, the vacuum tightness is 11.52 kpa/min on the high pressure side and 11.09 kpa/min on the low pressure side, and the hydrogen leakage of the generator is 4.95m3/d. Environmental protection emission index and major economic and technical indexes have reached or exceeded the design value, realizing the near-zero emission target of one million units, and handing over to the owner a high-quality unit with advanced indexes.